Fresh Tomatoes at the end of May – Who Woulda Thought?

Though the temperatures are falling very quickly this late in autumn, we are still harvesting fresh, ripe tomatoes. We had ice on our car windshield yesterday, and still our tomatoes are fine.  We “rescued” our tomato plants and enabled them to continue ripening.

I’d read several times that you can pull up tomato plants when the weather turns cold, and hang them upside down from the rafters in the garage. So, we decided to give it a try this year, the first time I’ve ever tried it (and, of course, the first time I’ve ever had so many tomatoes on any plant).

It works. Like a charm.  The tomatoes are continuing to ripen, even from green, through yellow, and into rich, ripe redness.  It’s wonderful.  And yummy, juicy.


Ripening Tomatoes Hanging from Garage Rafters

Tomatoe plants hanging from garage rafters


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