Dave’s Crown From Dental Studio 114 in Auckland, New Zealand

As I’ve written a time or eight, we like (and often use) Grab One deals. We’ve subscribed to be notified each day about their new deals, and we continue finding some.  If we actually lived in Auckland (or another large city where the deals are usually centered), we’d probably use even more of them.

Our latest Grab One’s have been Dave’s crown (not the imperial type that goes on one’s head, but the porcelain type that goes in one’s mouth), road sealant, a ride on a historic trolley, and more and more restaurant meals. The deals, no matter what they are, usually give a 50% discount.  If not 50%, then usually close to that amount.

My crown, for instance, cost $620 (about $496 US), which is just over half their regular price.  One local dentist in Thames said he would charge about $1,000 plus x-rays and other fees. This Grab One deal with Dental Studio 114 included all the fees, plus two x-rays and a full dental checkup. During the dentist visit a few days ago, they took the x-rays, drilled out the place where my new crown will go, and inserted a temporary crown.  I’ll return in a couple weeks to have the permanent crown inserted.

I knew I would need at least one crown, because a very large old filling fell out, along with part of my tooth. I also have another tooth that will require a filling, which will be done at the same time as my permanent crown is installed, at a cost of $220, which is $30 less than our local dentist charges.

The dentist and all the office people and assistants were kind and polite, and it was a joy to use this dentist.  In the car after the visit, Andrew even asked if we might consider always using them as our dentist; they were that nice and good (and nicely priced). We can highly recommend Dental Studio 114, even if you don’t happen to get a Grab One voucher from them.


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