Pacific Islands Galore

A little over a year ago, I didn’t know much about the Pacific Islands.  I’d never even heard of most of them. There is so much to learn when one moves to the other side of the world, not the least of which is geography.

Grab One often has deals for holidays (vacations) in various Pacific Islands, and many times I look at the map just to see where they are located. Today Grab One have a deal for a holiday in Cook Islands, and that got me thinking (again) about all the islands in this part of the world.  I copied a Google Map as a picture file and placed it on my iTouch, so that I can try to learn the names and approximate locations of some of the Pacific Islands.

Pacfic Islands north of New Zealand

Pacific Islands north of New Zealand

After I’ve begun learning these, I’ll move west a bit and learn where SE Asian countries are in relation to Australia, along with the Philippines, Marshall Islands, Guam, etc.  This part of the world is very different from North America, or even Europe, especially in that there are so many small countries and island nations.  Very interesting stuff.

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