Heavy Rains, Flooding, and a Slip (Mudslide) on our Drive

Andrew and Dave's backyard creek

Our Creek, the Morning After

We had a huge downpour the other day and night here in Whakatete Bay, and it raised the level in the creek out behind our place and created several flash floods around the Coromandel Peninsula.  Many highways were closed, and others were narrowed by slips.  One large slip was right on our own driveway, and it pretty much closed off our driveway.

Our neighbor David took his wheelbarrow and shovel down and cleared the drive enough that cars could pass, and he called a tractor guy to come clear out the rest.  When we went to town Monday evening, I wasn’t even sure if we’d be able to get back home, because it was still raining pretty hard.  But the slip wasn’t much worse (if any) when we returned home, and the next morning, the tractor guy came and cleared our driveway.

David builds retaining wall

David building a retaining wall

Then David and I worked to construct a concrete and rock retaining wall where  the slip was.  David is probably down there now, making it even higher than when we finished yesterday.  (I can’t do more today, because my back and foot are causing me pain.)

The problem is that the entire driveway is cut from a very steep slope, and any section of it could come down at the next heavy rainfall.  Of course, the part that was washed out this time was where the farmer had sprayed to kill the weeds on the slope, leaving basically nothing (no roots of plants) to hold the soil in place.  Hopefully, we won’t have anymore slips.


Retaining wall in Whakatete Bay

The beginning of our new driveway retaining wall


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