Mt Tongariro eruption: Code red – New Zealand volcano erupts 7 August 2012

Late last night (NZ time), a volcano (Mt. Tongariro) on New Zealand’s North Island erupted, spewing red rock and spreading ash across much of the centre of North Island, creating an eight mile hazard zone, closing highways and delaying flights.  But we are fine, where we live here in Whakatete Bay (north of Thames).  The ash is unlikely to affect us, because the winds are blowing the ash east.

This is the first eruption of this mountain in over 100 years, the last being in 1897.


This is a satellite photo of the volcanic eruption plume, as seen by moonlight.
Mount Tongariro volcano eruption ash plume seen by moonlight from satellite


The picture below is of a previous eruption nearby (21 km away, at Mt Ruapehu).  Volcano Mount Tongariro in New Zealand erupts 7 August 2012


I’ll post photos of the present eruption as soon as some are available.

Live webcam of Tongariro (usually hidden in clouds):
Mount Tongariro Volcano Eruption in New Zealand


and in case the above LIVE webcam photo doesn’t show anything, due to clouds or darkness, here is a capture of that webcam during a semi-clear day.  The eruption lasted only a few minutes around midnight local time, and there has been nothing to see since then.
New Zealand Mt Tongariro volcan eruption lasted only ten mintues, around midnight local time.


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One Response to Mt Tongariro eruption: Code red – New Zealand volcano erupts 7 August 2012

  1. Mike Hutchinson says:

    Hello There
    I live and work in the Tongariro National Park
    The Photo is of Mt Ruapehu not Tongariro
    ( The Upper Te Mari Craters had a minor eurption that lasted 2 minutes)
    Te Mari Craters lay 21 Km from Mt Ruapehu