The Waterworks in Coromandel Town, New Zealand


Coromandel's Waterworks

The Waterworks

One place that we’ve been wanting to visit since we arrived here in Thames one and a half years ago is The Waterworks.  This is like nothing else I’ve ever seen or even heard about. This is not your usual water park where you float along a river or shoot down slides.  The Waterworks is a place with many innovative (Kiwi ingenuity) contraptions for water fun.

One Exhibit at Theh Waterworks in Coromandel Town, New Zealand

Pumps and Hoses

There are many places where you can hand pump or peddle to pump water through various hoses and pumps to make things move or aim for targets or other people.  In addition, there are a few picnic and BBQ areas if you want to bring along a lunch.  One entire area has also been set aside as a playground with rather uncommon (one of a kind?) pieces of equipment to play on, for grownups and for kids.  This area also has a large grassy space for playing games of tag or ball or whatever.  Yes, there is much more than just water-working things.  This place is great fun.

The Waterworks' Flying Bicycles

Flying Bikes

I don’t think I could possibly describe it all, so I’ll let a few pictures tell the rest of the story.  The Waterworks is a LOT of fun, and we’ve decided that this now gets placed at the top of our “Must Do” list for visitors and Couch Surfers, along with Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove.  Next time, we’ll have to be sure to arrive MUCH earlier than one hour before their closing time of 4:00 (6 pm November through April).  This place deserves at LEAST two or three hours.  We’ll also wear our togs (bathing suits) and plan to get wet, rather than trying to avoid the places where we might get wet.  Cost is usually $20 for adults, but we again bought a half-price ticket on Grab One.

(Click on any photo to see an enlargement.)

Dave Clingman at The Waterwoks

Steady Hand Test

The Waterworks' Flying Fox

Flying Fox (Zip Line)

The Waterworks' Maypole

3 Person Maypole

Water Shooter

Music Box at The Waterworks

A water-powered music box

Whale at The Waterworks

Whale on a post

The Waterworks' Clickity Clack Clock

Klickity Klacks

The Waterworks' Boat Races

Boat Races Finish Line

The Waterwoarks' Bird Repeller

Bump Pump

The Waterworks' Bike Pumps

Bike Pumps

The Waterworks' Invisible Lady

The Invisible Lady

The Waterworks' Giant Swings

Giant Swings (interlocked)

Playground at The Waterworks


The Waterworks's Water Wars

Water Wars (if there were other people in the other spots)

Playground at The Waterworks

The Waterworks' Playground

Playground at The Waterworks

More Playground

Many Signs at The Waterworks

One of many informative and/or humourous signs at The Waterworks


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