Boating at Coromandel Town, New Zealand

A few months ago, we sold our sailboat since we couldn’t use it much, and bought ourselves an inflatable boat with electric motor.  We’ve taken our boat out a few times at our own beach.  Since we were up at Coromandel Town (about an hour north of home) when we went to The Waterworks, we decided to go boating in the harbour there, as well.

The problem with the sailboat is that I get seasick.  When the water was calm enough for me to be out on it, the winds were pretty much non-existent.  When there was enough wind to make sailing fun, the swells were too much for my stomach.  So, a motorised boat seemed to be the answer.

Groupy Inflatable Boat with Electric Motor

Our new inflatable boat

We bought our new inflatable boat from
one of the daily sales websites (similar to Grab One) which sell one or more items for one day only.  Back in the USA, Woot was our favourite.  It cost us $400 (about $320 US) plus an additional $91 (about $73 US) for the small car battery to run the electric motor.  The boat came with oars and two seats, as well as floor liner.  It is a great dinghy and great fun to ride.

Andrew J. Wharton fishing in Coromandel Harbour

Andrew fishing from our boat

The second time I used our new boat was while Andrew was at work, and I simply aimed straight across the Firth of Thames.  I did not think I could actually get all the way to the far side, as it takes a car along the south end of the Firth about twenty minutes to drive it at 100 kph (60 mph).  Our little boat goes rather slower than that.  After about 45 minutes, I got bored and headed back home.  However, the battery ran out of juice, and I ended up having to row for the last bit.  That was very tiring, but I made it.  Now, we time our trips out to be sure we have enough juice left for the trip back.  Also, we take our rider mower battery with us, just in case we miscalculate.

Andrew J. Wharton relaxing in Coromandel Harbour, New Zealand

When fishing is too much work

Anyway, this day in Coromandel, we tossed out the hook of our fishing line and just cruised to the end of the peninsula and back.  We got a few nibbles, but no real bites from the fish.  Still, the ride was enjoyable and relaxing, made even more enjoyable with Andrew along rather than my going by myself.



Seagulls and Terns in Coromandel Harbour

Terns and seagulls

On the way back to our car , we swung out to some rocks in the harbour to see the birds.  Very pretty to see and even more fun to hear them screeching and cawing and calling to us and each other.




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