About Dave Clingman and Andrew J. Wharton

Dave Clingman and Andrew J. Wharton had been living in Guadalajara Mexico from April 2009 to March 2011.  They moved to New Zealand in April 2011. This blog, as well as the rest of this website, is all about their adventures in Mexico and New Zealand.

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One Response to About Dave Clingman and Andrew J. Wharton

  1. ben says:

    Hi guys,

    My partner Mike and I are abut to sign paperwork to put an offer on a house in Parawai Rd up on the hill. We are currently living in Auckland, and are both keen on Thames as it offers good proximity to commute to work in Greenlane, while giving us cute as house, a good size garden, peace, quiet, and all that the Coromandel has to offer in walking distance. Will be awesome and we cant wait.

    It was put to me during a conversation with my mum to check out how Thames feels about gay guys. So I googled gay Thames, found you and you seemed like a good place to start in answering that question… for my mum… and also a bit for us I guess.

    We have lived in a few small places during our 12 years together, and rural Australia never treated us any differently because we are a couple. In honesty I guess we’ve never thought of ourselves as requiring different treatment to anyone else… and this is not a question I would usually think to ask. Never the less, thanks to mum and that seed she planted, here I am asking it.

    Have you had any dramas from other people in the area cos you are gay?

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