Rewa’s Maori Village in Kerikeri, New Zealand

Straight across from Stone Store and Mission House in Kerikeri is Rewa’s Village, a great re-creation of a Maori village.  We were there after hours, and there’s a donation box at the entry requesting a deposit of $2 for entry.  I don’t know what it costs for regular hours.  This village is well worth a visit.

Chief's Whare (Home) in Rewa's Maori Village in Kerikeri, New Zealand

Chief's Whare (House)

The first thing you come to as you walk down the path is the Chief’s whare (house).  As you can see in the photo, this building is low, as are all the buildings.  There is less material needed to build a low house than a tall one, of course.

Pataka (Elevated Food Storage) at Rewa's Maori Village in Kerikeri

The Pataka with the Tohunga's whare in background

Continuing down the trail, we came to the tohunga’s whare (medicine man’s house), right next to the pataka (an elevated food storage building) and an even higher elevated little whare for the tohunga’s sacred items.

In this recreation of a Maori village, there is everything an actual fishing village had when the Europeans came to the area, including canoes and their shelters, fish drying rack, cooking areas with hangi (earth ovens), and much, much more.  The thing Andrew found most fascinating is the way the Maori diverted rats from eating their most valued food (kumara = sweet potato) by giving them easier access to less valued food.

While you are in Northland, Rewa’s Village in Kerikeri is well worth a visit and the $2 entry fee.  Expect to spend an hour or so to see everything and to read all the informative signs, as the village is spread out as it would have been back in the 1830s.  To get to Rewa’s Maori Village, just head east out of Kerikeri and follow the signs.


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