2013 Auckland Gay Pride Parade

Auckland New Zealand's Gay Pride Parade, February 16, 2013

Auckland's Gay Pride Parade Begins (Click to enlarge)

We made a day out of our trip to Auckland on 16 February 2103, but the main reason we drove the hour and a half to the city was for the first gay pride parade in a dozen years.  And it was well worth the trip.  It was fun and colourful and sexy.

Balloons at Auckland's Gay Pride Parade

Baloons Galore

There were all the things one might expect from a gay pride parade anywhere in the world: balloons, sequins and bangles, feather boas, jewelry, tattoos, and, of course, scantily-clad people.  I was surprised at the range of ages who entered the parade.  Back in California (San Francisco and Fresno), it seemed that only the youngest and cutest paraded down the street.  Not so here.  Everyone was welcome, both parading and viewing.  There were grandparents and kids of all ages.  It was a blast!

Andrew J. Wharton sporting a feather boa and face paint

We each received a feather boa and face painting

I think I’ll let photos speak for themselves for awhile and then have a couple of closing remarks.

Another Float at Gay Pride in Auckland

(click any photo to enlarge)


Dancers at Gay Pride 2013 in Auckland, New ZealandQueen for a day at Auckland's Gay Pride ParadeMale Dancers at Gay Pride Parade in Auckland, New Zealand, 2013



Love Your Condom @ AKL Gay PrideMore Male Dancers at AKL Gay Pride 2013Gay Pride in Auckland – Bride's Train



Lady Dancers at Gay Pride Parade in New Zealand's Largest City, AucklandFancy Costumes at Auckland's 2013 Gay Pride ParadeSegways at 2013 Gay Pride Parade



Express Yourself at Gay PridePolitical Group at Auckland's Pride ParadeCute Guys at Auckland Pride Parade



Masked Heroes at Gay Pride in AucklandThe parade was fun, the crowd was funner, and the atmosphere was funnest of all.

Andrew J. Wharton is interviewed by Stuff.co.nz

Andrew was interviewed by stuff.co.nz after the parade, but I couldn't find his interview posted anywhere on their website.


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