Happy Birthday to Me: I’m Now a New Zealand Permanent Resident

Today is my birthday, and I just received my passport back with my permanent resident visa. I’m in! I’m a permanent resident of New Zealand. And in three more years, I’ll apply for citizenship and be a true kiwi (even though I call myself “kiwi” already).

Andrew and I are both very surprised at how quickly the permanent resident visa was approved. We only just sent in the paperwork (application, photos, proof of residency, fee, etc.) this past Tuesday, and they received it Wednesday morning. So it’s been less than a week (three working days!).

The immigration website says that the Hamilton office takes just ten working days to approve applications for permanent residence, and we were surprised to read that. A friend of ours says her permanent resident application took three months, but I don’t recall how long ago that was.

Anyway, I am now a permanent resident of New Zealand and still VERY thrilled to be living here. This is the best place I’ve ever lived (out of more than 60 places)!


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2 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me: I’m Now a New Zealand Permanent Resident

  1. Colin Wharton says:

    Congratulations indeed…. and best of birthday wishes. Liz and Colin

  2. Jacob says:

    Dave!!! Congratulatiooooons!!! for your birthday and your resident visa =) God bless you =)