Our Villa, Our Home

Villa north of Thames, New Zealand

Our Villa

God has blessed us amazingly in giving us this home for a price we could afford. The “value” of the home is about 80% above what we paid for it, but the previous owners were motivated to sell. They’d had it on the market for more than a year.

The gardens are amazing, and the orchard is beautiful. Since moving in, we’ve added half a dozen more trees, and some berries and grapes, among other things. We grow our own veges in raised boxes covered with windbreak cloth to keep out the insects.

Whakatete Bay Villa, north of Thames, New Zealand

Our Home

The villa has two “bedrooms” and a very large lounge that can be divided about one third of its length by accordion doors. For our first winter, we’ve been living in the one third of the lounge that has the wood stove. As you can read in Dave’s blog, we installed a heat pump in the main bedroom and will using that for our bedroom henceforth.

New Zealand Fruit Trees and Villa, Thames, New Zealand

Apricot Tree and Villa

Thames, New Zealand - Whakatete Bay Villa

Picnic Bench and Rainwater Tank with Sleepout in the background (click to enlarge)










We have several outbuildings, including our sleepout, the garage and a small attached shed, three sheds in the orchard, a potting shed (though this is really just a raised platform and frame with mesh all around), and two water tanks.

New Zealand Fruit Trees near Thames at Whakatete Bay

Part of Our Orchard

Our sleepout is a two room separate building with a bedroom and a kitchen. The toilet is off the kitchen, but there is no shower or tub. We plan to host people through Couch Surfing, as well as having our friends and family visit us.

The main water feed to our villa is a smaller tank that is fed by the creek which flows behind our property, though the inlet for the tank is much higher up the valley. A second and larger water tank is fed by rainwater falling on our roof, and this tank waters the gardens, though we can also turn on an inlet to run into the house if we want. We also have a water tap (faucet) in the orchard area which runs off our neighbor Allan’s water, which in turn also comes from the same creek water inlet that feeds our main water tank.

Firth Of Thames, New Zealand

View Across Firth of Thames

The view from our villa overlooks a neighbor’s rooftop across the Firth of Thames to the Hunua Ranges (mountains) south of Auckland. Many afternoons, Tazmin and I walk down our driveway and across the highway to the beach to meet Andrew as he rides his bicycle home from work.



Whakatete Bay north of Thames, on New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula

Whakatete Bay

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