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Puerto Vallarta and Hotel Mercurio
Puerto Vallarta beach
Hotel Mercurio street to Puerto Vallarta beach

When we finished swimming, we would sit in a chair in front of the famous Blue Chairs bar.  The first afternoon, Andrew purchased a henna tattoo.

Andrew J. Wharton's tattoo from Puerto Vallarta
pool at Hotel Mercurio in Puerto Vallarta

The Hotel Mercurio includes breakfast with the price of the hotel room, which was just five hundred eighty pesos (about $44 USD at the time).  Because this is the low tourist season, we received a very good rate.

In our quest to find a place of our own, we decided to visit Mascota, which is about two hours from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Since we both also wanted to see Puerto Vallarta, we decided to drive there first and then visit Mascota on our return drive.

We stayed in Puerto Vallarta at the Hotel Mercurio, which is only one block from the beach.   We walked to the beach several times during our 24 hours there, and we swam every time.  The water is pleasantly warm, so that we stayed in as long as we liked.

Dave Clingman's car in front of Hotel Mercurio in Puerto Vallarta
Andrew Wharon relaxes in Puerto Vallarta beach near Blue Chairs bar

Our first afternoon, after returning from swimming in the ocean, we also swam in the pool at the Hotel Mercurio.  It has a small waterfall and a bench seat behind it.  It was fun sitting behind the falling water.

Dave Clingman and Andrew Wharton eat breakfast at Hotel Mercurio in Puerto Vallarta
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