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Tapalpa, Jalisco, Mexico
Dave Clingman and Andrew Wharton visit Tapalpa, Mexico

Tapalpa, Jalisco, Mexico is a beautiful small town in the hills southwest of Guadalajara.  On this our third trip around our new home, we drove first to the volcanoes south of Tapalpa but could not see them for all the clouds.  As we approached the town of Tapalpa, a rain storm also approached.

Upon our arrival, we checked into the hotel and paid our $370 MX (about $28.00 US).  The room was small but sufficient for the little time we spent there.  The view was out across the town, including the chapel.

Andrew Wharton checks into hotel at Tapalpa, Mexico
Famous rocks near Tapalpa, Mexico

Next, we drove outside of town, first to the north to see the famous Rocks and then to the south to view the tall waterfall.  We climbed on the rocks okay, but we ran out of time hiking to the waterfall as the sun was setting.

Downtown Tapalpa.  Quiet most of the time during the day.  We ate dinner just around the far corner in this picture.  We tried several restaurants circling the square, but none of them served "sopa" (soup) which Andrew's diet required.  Where we finally did eat served him more of a chunky stew with no soup at all, and it was cold.  We were rather disappointed with that dinner, but this did not dampen our enjoyment of the town itself or our time there.

downtown Tapalpa, Mexico
chapel in Tapalpa, Mexico

Tapalpa's large chapel is entirely brick.  It amazes me that they are able to create the arches and columns like this.  It is a beautiful place, and like the town, simple and quiet.

sunset over Tapalpa, Mexico

We both enjoyed the town of Tapalpa and the coolness of the higher mountains.  I daresay we may return.

map of town of Tapalpa, Mexico

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