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5 May 2009
Dave Clingman

This past week, we visited several places for considering where to live and also partly to place an advertisement for my computer repair business.  We placed fliers in four or five places along Lake Chapala, which is where many rich gringos live.  I have had one call so far from those fliers, but it was a Mexicano who didn't want to pay my fees.

We visited Valle de Juarez, which is the place that I liked so much last year when I visited Guadalajara (GDL).  It is about two hours south of GDL, which means that it isn't a place where we would want to live if we had to commute to the city frequently.  It is higher in the mountains and therefore cooler, and it is a friendly little town.  There is an RV park there that costs a bit less than what we are paying now here in GDL.

We also visited Guanajuato, which is about five hours north east of Guadalajara.  If we lived out that way, we'd certainly not be commuting to GDL, especially not by the toll roads which ended up costing us over forty dollars US.  It is a very nice little town in the mountains, but being inland, it is not as cool as mountains that are nearer the coast and is also much drier.  Cost of living in the smaller towns is quite a bit less expensive than here in GDL.

Next, we visited San Miguel de Allende, which is about one hour east of Guanajuato.  This town is much larger than Guanajuato, and is MUCH more expensive than any other place we have so far visited.  It is very popular with the gringos and artists, and that popularity has caused housing prices (and prices at RV parks) to rise, as well as other prices.  It is also a tourist destination, which also raises the prices.  I guess we'll not be settling there.

Tomorrow class begins.  Andrew is all signed up and ready to begin.  I still have doubts about my attending (and paying the thousand US dollars for the privilege).  The school is graciously allowing me to attend the first three days of the class before I have to decide to pay.  I'll make my decision next weekend.  If I can get a visa to work my business here, which I think I can, then I don't really need this class to lead me to such a visa.  The going pay rate for an English teacher in Mexico is about four dollars US per hour.  Yikes.  Of course, with the amazingly lower cost of living here, one doesn't have to make as much as one does in USA.

Besides touring, my day is usually filled with working on client websites, riding my bike to the various stores (Walmart, Mega, etc.) near here, and relaxing and enjoying a quiet (and lazy) life, listening to the birds in the trees overhead.  The RV site is quite nice.  It is below some very large trees, making it cooler by their shade, and at one of the quiet parts of the park.

I guess that's about it from here.

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