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12 May 2009
Dave Clingman

How are things going with you?  Things are okay here.  For a simple and relaxing life, I feel quite busy.  I guess it is because I am still working on client websites.  I love that God has brought work to me while I'm here.

Andrew was in the hospital this past weekend for 26 hours, a minor surgery he doesn't want me to discuss.  The surgery went well, and he is healing.  It turns out that his travel insurance will cover the expenses.  At first they said they would and then changed their minds, and finally changed their minds back again and agreed to cover the costs.  Since the hospital deals only in cash, we paid for it, and they'll refund us.  Andrew did not go to school yesterday, but he'll go back today.

I finally sold the second bus.  It has been sitting in a man's yard who sells all kinds of things.  He says four people have stopped by to look at it, but none were seriously interested.  I listed it again on eBay last week and had been discussing with a few interested parties, but then someone went ahead and bought it outright.  Yay.  Thanks, God.  He will pick up the bus this weekend from Coarsegold.

My scooter got a flat tire.  I took it to a tire place to have it repaired, but they could not find a puncture anywhere.  It turns out that the air inlet valve was either loose or broken.  They replaced it for me.  Total cost $30.  Thirty pesos, that is.  Yes, they use the dollar sign just as USA does.  In USA dollars, that works out to about $2.17.  I doubt there is anywhere in California I could have had the tire repaired as cheaply.  In fact, I've had a scooter tire repaired twice in Fresno, at a cost of $29 and $39 USD, more than ten times as expensive.  I love how money seems to last quite a bit longer here.

Speaking of which, I neglected to mention that Andrew's operation and hospital stay cost $32,500.  Yikes.  Oh, but, yes, that is again in pesos.  USA dollars = about $2500.  In USA, that operation would have cost nearer to ten thousand US dollars.  Yes, life is good here, and things are much cheaper.  Our thousand dollar USD per month budget is easily lasting, and we even have a little money left over at the end of each month.

As I mentioned, Andrew is returning to school today.  I attended the first two half days of the classes, just to see how it goes, and then I decided to not pay for the course.  It would be fun to go back to school, but the eleven hundred entrance fee is a bit more than I want to spend right now.  So, I'll continue working on websites here at home, and Andrew will take his classes each day for eight hours.  After getting his certificate, he'll likely work for that same school for a month or two or three for the experience, and then we'll figure what to do after that.

I guess that's about all from here.

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