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21 January 2010
Dave Clingman

We are mostly back into our usual Guadalajara, Mexico routine after our two and a half weeks in Europe.  Andrew is working approximately twenty hours per week.  We are slowing down his work, since we are planning to move further south next month.  (We'll talk more about that in a future newsletter.)  We are attending our welcoming church each Sunday, enjoying the fellowship of God's Word and other people.

We walk with
Mela each day, often in the park next door to our RV, having Mela run back and forth between us to use up some of her energy.  Yesterday, Andrew hiked up to the top of the ridge and back behind the RV park, which took a couple of hours.  Mela is four months old now, and her energy seems to be subsiding ever so slightly, though she can still run five kilometers and have energy left over.  She certainly is a handful, and we love her very much.

She also loves us very much.  When we wake in the morning, she is there waiting to greet us, wagging her little tail as fast as she can as she slithers (just like a snake) with her tummy to the ground across the floor to us.  We have no idea where she learned to do this little slithering trick.  She just always has done it.  It is amazingly cute.

we were in Europe, Mela picked up some bad habits from Hazel, the German Shepherd who was her dog sitting companion.  We are working on training her back to her wonderful pleasant self, though.  She now comes most of the time when we call her, and when Andrew and I are separated by some distance, we can tell her to go to the other person.  When I tell her, "go to Andrew", she'll head to where she last saw him and then look around until she finds him and runs to him there.

The weather in Europe was very cold, with much snow, quite beautiful.  But we are happy to be back into our Guadalajara weather of highs of mid to upper twenties Celsius (or mid to upper seventies Fahrenheit).  It rained a few nights since our return, but overall, the days are warm and clear.

Last week we went to the dentist for a check up.  Back in California, this kind of visit, with a couple of x-rays cost me over two hundred dollars, just for myself.  For the two of us here in Guadalajara, the dentist charged five hundred pesos, slightly more than thirty seven US dollars, for both of us with two x-rays each.  Quite a difference.  She was kind and gentle, and the best news of all is that we both have sound teeth and needed no work.  Andrew is very pleased that she commented that his teeth are wonderful.  (She didn't say that about mine!)

Tomorrow I am going to have some
liposuction done on my midsection.  This surgery will take just an hour or so, but they want me to stay in the hospital overnight.  For about a decade I have been wanting to do this, but I could never afford to do it in USA.  Here, the cost is less than half of what it is back in California.  Please pray for the surgeon's steady hand, as well as for a quick recovery.  Thank you.

We are working on getting some of
the photos of our Europe trip online.  Of the more than 3,800 photos we took, we plan to place about one hundred on the website, along with a little description.  We probably won't have the kind of photos you might think we would want to show of our trip, but rather, we'll have photos that I think capture more of the essence of our trip and what made it special to us.  You can find photos of the places we've visited online already, and we don't need to duplicate that.  When you have some time and would like to see the photos, go here:

You can also read all of the emails we sent while in Europe, which will more fully tell our tale, at this location:

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