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20 October 2009
Dave Clingman

This past week was my first truly busy week.  Casa de las Flores finally accepted my estimates and has asked me to work on his website.  I am now working between seven and ten hours a day on it.  I am very much enjoying the work overall, but there are times when I cannot seem to get something to work properly, which frustrates me.  So far, though, I've eventually been able to figure out how to do all but two things.

If you know of a website which will let me quote weather for Guadalajara in a text format (without a graphic showing sun or rain or whatever), please let me know.  Because it rains in GDL nearly everyday during the summer, the client doesn't want a graphic or forecast.  You see, about 95% of the time the rain falls only during the night, resulting in glorious days.  When a prospective guest for the B&B sees the rain icons day after day, it makes them nervous.  The client wants only the high and low temperatures to show.

The school where Andrew teaches English is still wanting a website.  I thought they had already hired someone to do it for them, but it turns out they want to have me discuss this with them before they make their final decision. 
Mundo Bilingue's website will be simpler than the B&B website, but it would still be work and a nice income.  Please pray that they accept my proposal and estimate and hire me to design and host their website.  And speaking of Andrew's teaching, pray that he is able to acquire more private clients, since he makes more than twice as much that way than he makes teaching at the school.  Thanks.

As stated last week, both Andrew and I have
our FM3 visas, and we are now trying to get our Tax I.D. numbers, so that we can pay taxes for the work we do here in Mexico.  Who could have guessed that getting permission to pay taxes would be as difficult and frustrating as getting a visa?  We went to Hacienda two weeks ago, and they told us that we needed to bring the original of our rent statement.  We returned this past week with that original, and the person this time told us it was insufficient.  Now we have to bring an original bill from the electric or gas or telephone company.  We explained to them that the bill will not have our names on it, and they said it would be acceptable.  Now watch them change their minds again, or possibly we'll get someone else who has different opinions on what is acceptable.  *sigh*

We also made our first stop at
IMSS, Mexico's Social Security Administration, to sign up for the Mexican government's health plan.  Yep, it appears this is going to be a long process as well.  I guess what bugs me most is that even though the Immigration has accepted us as being who we say we are and has proven that we live where we say we live, we still have to prove to each of these other government agencies that we are who we say we are (IMSS requires an original birth certificate!) and that we live where Immigration already knows we live.

We have asked the manager of our RV park (
San Jose del Tajo ) to let us borrow the original of the electric bill, and he said he would let us take it and would also get the owner of the RV park to sign another letter stating that we live here.  Please pray that both agencies will accept this as proof that we live here, so that we can progress to whatever next hurdle they have for us.  Thanks.

Mela our puppy is doing well.  She is growing but not as much as we are hoping.  We think she will end up being a smaller dog than we had originally wanted, but we are okay with that now.  We actually appreciate that she is small enough to fit into a shoulder bag to go with us where we want to take her.  She still sleeps in a box in our room, and if she remains small, she might just end up sleeping inside all the time.  However, we hope she'll eventually learn where to go to the bathroom, so that we don't have to keep her contained while we sleep.

I'm still writing my column Bits&Bytes in
the Guadalajara Reporter newspaper.  The original agreement was that after I get my FM3 visa and Tax I.D., they will allow me to advertise in my column by adding to my byline sentence.  However, since I already have my email address included in that line, I am not sure what else I could say to draw prospective clients.  So, I'll probably continue receiving their payment of fifteen U.S. dollars ($15.00) per article that I write.  It's not much, but most of the time I enjoy writing.

Write to you next week.


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