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04 November 2009
Dave Clingman

It has been a busy two weeks since my last "weekly" update.  I got another client for website design (http://www.pasajesdelavida.com), though I am only doing a few finishing touches on the site).  I'll likely get yet another client later this week or early next week (Andrew's school).  Thanks for praying about this for us.

The Casa de las Flores website is complete and is online at its own domain name:
If you get a chance to view the website, please let me know what you think.  I truly would like to hear what you might change if it were your own website.  Thanks.

Everyone loves
Mela.  I've never seen another dog attract so much attention.  I realize that some people will fake being delighted if asked, but people actually come up to her to see her.  I think the reason is that she is so very small, though she is now nearly twice as large as when we first got her a month ago.

We found out that her name ("me la") might actually have a meaning in Spanish after all, as slang.  Why did it have to be our pastor who pointed it out?  When he mentioned it, then suddenly our other friends all agreed that it could mean what pastor said.  How embarrassing.  It turns out that for someone with a dirty mind, it could have a very bad translation.  Will we change Mela's name now?

We finally finished the registrations for all of the government agencies: 
Migracion for our FM3 visas, Hacienda for our RFC numbers, and IMSS for our medical insurance coverage.  It "only" took twenty trips to five different government buildings, plus four trips to related places of business (including two banks).  I am glad it is over.

Yesterday we drove to downtown Guadalajara to tour Las Cabanas, a former orphanage turned museum.  (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hospicio_Caba%C3%B1as)  They've had some Faberge eggs and other Russian czarist jewels and memorabilia on display there for a few weeks, and yesterday was the last day.  Tuesday's are free at Las Cabanas, and so we wanted to go on a Tuesday.  But Andrew works on Tuesdays beginning at noon, and Cabanas doesn't open until 10.  So, it was a rush trip, but we got to see the eggs and the rest of Las Cabanas before rushing to the car to head home.  Because they do not allow cell phones inside the Cabanas, we didn't get the voice message from Andrew's school until after we were in the car to let him know that the student for his noon class would not be there.  We considered going back but decided we'd seen everything we wanted, despite being rushed.

Since we had extra time, we stopped by the
IMSS hospital on our way home to have them look at some pain I have in my hip.  Now even the hospital is wanting us to prove that we live where Migracion, Hacienda, and even IMSS headquarters itself has already agreed we live.  WHY?  We ran out of time, so we'll go back on Friday when we have an entire day to spend waiting in lines and moving from window to window yet again.

Yesterday I wrote what I thought was my next article for
the Guadalajara Reporter.  After I finished writing it, I realized that I wanted to write another article before this one, so that the series that I've been working on flows more smoothly.  So, I wrote the other article, too.  Now I am ahead of schedule.  I plan to stay ahead like this, writing an article before I turn in the previous one.  That way, if I get swamped (as I have felt these past two weeks), I don't have to stop everything else to write an article.

I guess that's it from Guadalajara for now.  Have a great week.

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