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3 December 2009
Dave Clingman

The USA Thanksgiving is not a holiday that is widely celebrated in Mexico, but expats like me carry the celebration with us.  There are also a few Mexicanos who bring it with them when they return after living and working in USA.  We received four invitations to dinners, but two of them were at the same time.  We did not go to the Thanksgiving Buffet that the Guadalajara Reporter had, but we attended three others.  One was on the traditional Thanksgiving Thursday, and the other two were the following two days.  Both Thursday and Friday were with Larry and Sharon Bacon, our friends here in the RV park.  They had so much leftover food that they decided to have a second dinner on Friday.  And on Saturday, the gay group from our church, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, had a pot luck Thanksgiving dinner.

Pumpkin pies are not common here in Mexico, but you can find them if you look in the right place.  We saw some in Costco for $60 pesos (about $4.50 US).  But when Sharon told Larry where to buy the pumpkin and apple pies for their dinner, he ended up paying three times as much, $180 for each pie (a little over $13.00 US).  Yikes.  But I must say that it was one very yummy pie.

One evening while walking around the RV park, Mela and I stopped to talk with some new arrivals.  When the cold hits up north, many people jump into their RV's and head south for warmer weather.  Thus, the
San Jose del Tajo RV park here fills up for the cooler months of December through February or March.  Croft and Norma are interesting and fun people who travel around Mexico, staying a week here and there.  Croft writes a blog (http://croftsmexico.blogspot.com) during their travels, just for fun.  They sure do have adventures.  I wish we could also experience some of their adventures, but others I am glad to miss.

Andrew is now averaging more than thirty hours per week teaching at
Mundo Bilingue.  It seems he is always coming and going.  He wakes about 7:30 or 8 to get ready for his Kick Boxing workout at 9:15.  He returns home at 10:30, changes and heads to teach his 11:10 class.  Two classes and three hours later, he returns home for 1.5 hours before heading back to work for another four and a half hours.  While he is here, he spends most of his time planning and organizing our Europe trip.  We leave in just over two weeks, and we do not yet feel well prepared.  But we're getting there, especially with the late hours Andrew is putting into the research.

We met Monday with a bookkeeper to discuss filing our taxes and paperwork.  The manager of our RV park arranged the meeting, and we thought he was going to be here to translate, but he didn't show up.  Andrew is very good at speaking Spanish, but some of the technical stuff was more than he could comprehend.  We decided that we're going to need to find a bookkeeper who can communicate with us in English.  When the bookkeeper with whom we met found out how much we two make here, she cut her usual fee in half for us.  Even so, she will be charging us about half of what we make.  Most of my income is from USA clients, and most of Andrew's income is from the school, which takes care of all the tax stuff for him.  Please pray we find the right person to help us with this.  Or perhaps we can figure out how to do it for ourselves.  Thanks.

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