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22 November 2009
Dave Clingman

Here it is the second half of November, typically cool autumn back in California, and there are still flowers on many of the bushes here in Guadalajara.  This truly is a pretty place where we live.  The temperatures are dropping a bit, but not much so far.  Today it will be still 80F (27C), but later this week, we'll have a high of only 71F (22C).  At night it gets down to mid forties (7C to 8C).

I caught the flu and was sick for a week.  No, not swine flu or dengue fever, thank God.  This was just a common flu, but it sure did knock me out.  When I woke after just one day of illness, I thought it was a 24 hour flu and was very pleased to be well again.  By that evening, though, I had a fever of 102.5F (39.2C).  I turned on the air conditioner and took aspirin and tylenol, and I was feeling better next morning.  But that was the cycle for the next few days, feeling better in the morning and pretty bad in the evening.  I couldn't get much done, because I had no energy, and sitting upright made me dizzy.

But I am well now, and my energy is returning.  I still haven't gotten back into working on websites full time, but I am doing a little here and there on the three websites I am presently designing and updating.

Andrew was also ill for two days, but his was a cold, not the flu.  He came home from work early one evening last week, slept most of the next day, and then returned to teaching the following day.  He still had a bit of a cough for a few days, but he said he felt fine.

Before all of this hit us, we attended our first (and last)
bull fight.  Because it is a cultural thing, we decided to see it.  They usually torture and kill a few bulls during each exhibition, but after seeing one, we left.  A friend from church went with us, and he was also ready to leave after just one bull.  We were the only ones leaving at that time.

Andrew has taken up kick boxing now and enjoys that much more than he was enjoying doing weights and machines at the gym, and his muscles are showing the effects.  He goes usually three mornings each week, comes home and changes quickly before heading off to work.  Yes, he now has a couple of classes in the mornings, as well as his usual afternoon and evening classes.  We're trying to get in as many hours as possible to save some money for our big Europe Trip next month.  We are both excited about that, though our plans are going slowly, especially in finding accommodations.

Andrew got a small raise, and the owners of the
Mundo Bilingue language school are promising an eventual leadership role in the school.  If he stays there with them long enough, I guess he will eventually get a percentage of the profits, which would be very nice.  So far, though, the school has yet to make a profit.  Time will tell.

Mela continues growing.  She is now about three times the size when we got her one and a half months ago at the age of approximately one month.  I think dogs grow for the first six months of their lives, which means she will continue growing awhile still.  She is smart, too.  She has learned to sit and stay (most of the time), and when I tell her "Go to Andrew", she'll take off running to where she last saw him.  If she doesn't find him there, she'll head home.  When Andrew tells her "Go to Dave", she heads off running in my direction.  Of course, if there is something interesting along the way, she might take a second or two to explore, or more likely, simply pick it up and carry it to us.  She is a delight.

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