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10 March 2010
Dave Clingman

Andrew finally heard back from the University of British Columbia regarding his application for their Master's Program.  They had 120 applicants for the twenty positions for the particular program he had applied for.  Needless to say, the competition was tough.  As Andrew had feared, he was not accepted.  So, we are staying in Mexico for the next few years.  We will continue our search for a home, but we are also for now content to remain in our RV here in San Jose del Tajo RV Park.

We purchased a very nice plastic shed last week, 8 x 6 feet in size. I set it up in about five hours while Andrew was at work.  It was difficult, but for the most part, setting up a prefabricated shed like this is not impossible for one person.  When Andrew returned home, he helped with the parts that require two people.  It looks very nice.  We had considered purchasing a cheaper metal shed, but we are quite pleased with the way this one looks.  It also seems to be more sturdy.

Also last week we ordered a small jacuzzi bath tub without the jets.  It cost us just $2500 pesos (about $192 US).  Yesterday they called to let us know that the color that we ordered (black marble) was not going to be available and that we needed to select a different color.  Since we were halfway between home and the bath store, we drove over there to see what else they had to offer, quite miffed that they had sold us that bath with a color that they didn't have, and not really wanting any of their other colors.

During the drive there, Andrew saw two other stores selling tubs, and we stopped there to see what they had to offer.  One of the stores had one that was slightly longer than the one we had ordered, and for the same price.  So, we drove on to the other store to request a refund of our deposit.  The salesman didn't want to refund our money without our returning the contract.  Since we had driven there without returning home for the contract, there were several minutes of stress before he agreed to refund the deposit.  Back to the other store to select the color we wanted.  We decided to take the cream colored tub on display, and she said she could have it delivered for free that same evening.  Our previous tub wasn't going to be delivered until Saturday, one week from when we ordered it.

I have hooked up the tub to fill and drain with a hose.  A small submersible pump runs the water from the tub up through the old electric water heater that we pulled from
my old bus before we junked it back in Coarsegold and back into the tub, thereby heating and circulating the water.  We don't have jets in the tub, but at least the water will stay nicely warmed.

Tomorrow we take
Mela in to get her spayed (fixed).  When we discuss it, we whisper so that she doesn't know ahead of time.  Just kidding.  Our regular vet quoted us a price of well over one hundred US dollars.  It costs less back in California for this!  However, our friend Pedro from church told us of a group that will fix animals for free.  So, tomorrow we head south about half an hour to Tlajomulco to have Mela spayed.

Our gay church group from
St. Mark's Episcopal Church meets alternate Saturday's, and so this weekend we'll see our friends there.  We meet in the home of one of the couples from church.  There are usually delicious snacks or even actual meals and time to catch up with everyone.  Then we have a Bible study and prayer time.  It is always a good time.  The couple recently moved south from where they used to live, so that our drive to their house is now only about ten minutes.

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