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3 March 2010
Dave Clingman

Andrew and I are still considering what to do about buying a place in Michoacan.  Oh, we've gotten the page about our trip to Morelia and Patzcuaro area added to the website.

We can't make any firm decision until we hear back from the University of British Columbia as to whether Andrew has been accepted into the
Master's Program there.  We should hear within a couple more weeks.  We are both anxious to know one way or the other, so that we can begin planning the next stage in our lives.

This past weekend, we again visited
Casa de las Flores Bed and Breakfast in Tlaquepaque, a suburb of Guadalajara.  We enjoy visiting that place and catching up with the owners Stan and Jose.  They always treat us like royalty, which is kind of nice occasionally.  Andrew and I walked downtown for dinner and ice cream, and Andrew purchased a small hand painted box.

Since we take
Mela with us to Casa de las Flores, we also took her with us to church at Saint Mark's.  We tie her up in the far corner of the church yard while we are in church, and of course, she yelps and cries as soon as we leave.  Her bark is high pitched and carries into the brick church when everyone is still, such as during prayers.  This is only the second time we've had her with us during church, and this time she broke her leash and ran around the neighborhood looking for us.  During the Peace after the sermon, pastor Manuel Sonora walked up to me in our pew and said it is okay for us to keep Mela inside church with us as long as she is quiet.  Talk about a Welcoming Church!  and especially for conservative Guadalajara, Mexico.  Pastor knows Mela well, because we always bring her with us to our church gay group meetings.

I mentioned two logs ago that I would catch up on events I'd previously not had time to mention.  So, here we go:

Mundo Bilingue, where Andrew teaches, asked me to create a website for them.  They'd been waiting while a different website designer created a site for them for free, but they'd not heard from him for a few months and decided to give me the go-ahead.  After working several hours on their new website, they let me know they'd finally heard back from the other guy and asked me to place my design on hold, which I did.  They are paying me for the time I already put into the website, and when the other designer has finished, they'll have me work more on the one I am doing, either copying or modifying what the other guy did and placing it online.

While Andrew and I were in
Patzcuaro two weekends ago, someone called me after seeing my advertising flyer somewhere.  He originally called to have me fix some problem on his computer, but during our conversation when he learned that I also design websites, he decided to hire me to update his site, which sells educational games he designed.  We met this past week to go over what he wants.  It might be awhile before I can begin on his website, though, because he doesn't know the FTP login information, and his previous website designer is not replying to his or my emails.

I also gained another client in California, a Realtor in the Bass Lake area.  I am mostly doing behind-the-scenes editing of his website to try to get his ranking raised in the search engines.  I look forward to seeing what kind of impact my changes make.  I am beginning to get quite good at it.

Andrew and I enjoy visiting local museums.  Guadalajara has many museums, and the great thing in Mexico is that many museums offer free entry on Sundays.  The
Guadalajara Museum of Paleontology, however, has their free entry day on Tuesday.  So, one Tuesday morning, we headed there and walked through the exhibits.  It was quite interesting.  I thought we were going to visit another free Guadalajara museum again this past Sunday on the way to Casa de las Flores, but it turns out that we've done all the free museums now, and the one we were going to visit, the wax museum downtown, wanted to charge more than twice the price posted on their website.  So, instead, we purchased some Alfredo's Chocolate Croissants and sat on a bench in the Plaza de la Liberacion with our friend Pedro to enjoy them.

Both Andrew and I are now running Windows 7.  This operating system is much cleaner and faster than any previous Microsoft Windows operating system.  It took me about seven hours to install Windows 7 and all my programs and to set my computer the way I wanted.  For the most part, I like this new operating system, but there are a few foibles that still bother me.  The things that I don't like are mostly computer techie type things, like being able to remove a file association and arrange my files the way I want to view them.

The Friday before Valentine's Day, Andrew and I attended the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra at Teatro Degollado.  We always enjoy seeing the inside of that historic theater, and the shows we've attended there have always pleased us.  The Philharmonic was no exception.  They play beautifully, and they presented a good and varied selection.  We took seats this time right up front on the first balcony, so that we could see the instruments.  This would not be a good viewing location for a play, since you want to watch from in front of that kind of presentation, but for an orchestra, it was great.  Our tickets cost $140 pesos (about $10.37 US) each.  There is no way we could afford to watch such a world-class Philharmonic Orchestra back in California, but here we can enjoy much more of the "good life".

I mentioned a couple months ago that we were considering moving our RV to a different RV park south of here, to
Chimulco RV Park in Villa Corona, so that we could enjoy the hot pools there.  Chimulco had a Valentine's Day party on February 13th, and the RV Park owner personally invited us to attend.  When we arrived, the party was already in full swing, and we jumped in to enjoy a free lunch buffet.  After the group photo was taken by MANY cameras, we walked to the hot pools and enjoyed a soak for a couple hours.

The hot pool was very nice and confirmed to us both that we enjoy that sort of thing, just sitting there in warm water and talking about our lives together and plans for the future.  Though we've mostly ruled out moving to Chimulco RV Park for a number of reasons, none of which have anything to do with problems with the RV Park, we still want to be able to soak occasionally.  So, we've decided to set up something here outside our RV.  More on that another time, after we figure out what we'll do and how to do it.  By the way, that day (February 13th) was our eight month ceremony anniversary.

Andrew finally sold his flat back in Whakatane, New Zealand.  He placed it on the market not long after we met, after we decided that we wouldn't be moving to NZ for a few years.  We hope to move there someday, but not right now.  He was just about to sign a new renter into a one year lease when we received an offer on the flat.  It was not what we wanted, and if we waited a year, we might have gotten a higher price, but having it sold removes the stress of having to deal with problems from across the ocean.

I guess that's it for now.  Have a great weekend.

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