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15 April 2010
Dave Clingman

It has been a very busy week, or rather, week and a half.  I again received a large influx of web design business and pleased those clients with their updated websites.  One local client here is now running four websites to sell his language games.  Each website is slightly different, as he experiments with different presentations and pricing structures.

After considering many options and viewing many properties during the year that we have lived here (one year next week Friday), we finally decided that we will simply stay where we are, living here at
San Jose del Tajo RV Park.  We like it here at the park.  We have many friends, both here in the RV park and around Guadalajara.  We very much enjoy our welcoming church and the gay group meetings.

Last Thursday (a week ago today) we again drove to the Plaza de Liberacion (also called Tapatia Plaza) and enjoyed the afternoon there.  Andrew picked up a wallet he had ordered from our couchsurfer in Morelia, who made it out of recycled materials (a used milk carton).  Pedro met us along the way.  We ate Alfredo's chocolate croissants as we sat and watched some of the dancers performing some traditional folk dances of Mexico.  We walked through the crafts fair again, and then we sat awhile at the fountain on the west side of the
Guadalajara Catedral (Cathedral).

Later that evening, we met our friend Victor and his new boyfriend Daniel at another church near downtown.  A choir was performing at that church after the evening Mass, and Andrew and those two stayed to enjoy the music, after which Victor gave Andrew a ride home.  Since Mela, whom we took with us while we were downtown, wasn't allowed into the church, I drove home with her.

Sunday we went out to lunch with nine of our friends from church.  It was a fun time, and I found a new favorite Mexican food, enchiladas suiza, with chicken and a wonderful green sauce.  After lunch, we walked across the street to walk around the antiques tianguis (street market) on Avenida Mexico, which always has interesting articles, from knock-off to valuable, and checked out the carwash we ordered for 25 pesos (less than $2 US) - hand-washed to perfection.

This week was taxes week in USA, meaning I finally had to file my taxes for 2009.  I found a company that allows me to fill out the federal tax forms and file online free.  The next day, when I tried to also file state income taxes, I found that the company doesn't do state taxes.  And then I discovered that no other company will file my state taxes unless they also do the federal taxes.  Yikes.  What do I do?  I had no choice but to download the form from the California Government website, fill it in offline and then email it to friends in California to print it out and mail it for me.  Thank you, Darold and Joann.

Tomorrow we are heading south for the weekend.  We'll drive through the popular tourist beach town of
Manzanillo and then north along the coast to La Manzanilla and stay there one night.  Saturday we'll drive back south and stay at Barra de Navidad.  Our final night, Sunday, we'll stay in Manzanillo, so that it will be a quick drive back home Monday morning for Andrew's private English student.

Have a great weekend.

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