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22 April 2010
Dave Clingman

Today is the day we arrived here in Guadalajara, one year ago. We have very much enjoyed our time here, even with the uncertainty at times of what we were and are going to do. Now that we've settled on staying here in Guadalajara in our van in the San Jose del Tajo RV Park, we feel relieved and are enjoying life overall much better.

Andrew received a surprise call two days ago. It was from a school where one of his private clients sends her two daughters. He had previously applied there and was told they would be conducting interviews in May. One of their teachers just left without notice, and they need a replacement very soon. Andrew interviewed at the school for two hours yesterday, including an English exam and a tour of the school, and he'll conduct a one hour and twenty minute class this coming Monday. His topic is present perfect time expression, for fifth graders. I'm not even sure what that is! The school will make their decision and let him know by this coming Wednesday, and he would start, if he is accepted, on Monday, May 3. Please pray concerning this, and that the pay is significantly better than he is presently being paid at his other school.

This past weekend the three of us (including Mela, remember) drove to the beach area south of Colima, Mexico. We stayed Friday night in La Manzanilla. The beach there is very long and fairly level, with mellow waves. There are many birds and few people. Mela loved racing up and down the beach, chasing the seabirds from one end of the beach to the other. We've never seen her run so fast for so far, but needless to say, she couldn't catch one. She came into the water with us a few times, but after a six inch wave swamped her, she decided the ocean was not for her. So, she returned to chasing birds. She sure did enjoy chasing them, but we think she learned her lesson because the next few days she had no energy for long fruitless chases!

Saturday we drove from La Manzanilla to Barra de Navidad, a sleepy little town situated on an estuary peninsula. Our hotel there had a large swimming pool, and Andrew enjoyed it a lot. We didn't go into the ocean there, because the beach was steep and the waves were breaking roughly right on the beach with a strong undertow. We did walk to and along the beach twice, though. For dinner, we selected a small sidewalk cafe, and the food was amazingly good. I had a chicken stew with refried beans, and Andrew had shrimp a la Mexicana with a salad. Of course, we also received with our meal the typical free soft, warmed tortillas, crispy tortilla chips and salsas. All of this, plus two drinks, cost us $100 pesos (about $7.70 US).

Sunday we moved to Manzanillo and found an inexpensive but nice hotel a few blocks from the Santiago Bay beach. Andrew rented a boogie board, and we spent many hours riding the waves. The beach here had higher waves, and the funny thing about them is that the waves also flowed outward sometimes, causing large splashes when the incoming waves hit the outgoing waves. This made it possible to ride a wave into shore all the way, and then to ride another one back out to meet the incoming waves. It was wonderful fun.

This Sunday, Andrew will be reading the Scripture passages in church. This service will be bilingual, with both the English speaking and Spanish speaking congregations at the same time. Usually, the English service is at 10:30, and the Spanish service is at 12:30. Occasionally, for special times, the two are combined like they will be this Sunday.

I guess that's it for now. Please be praying for Andrew's teaching the fifth grade class.

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