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25 May 2009
Dave Clingman

This has been a bit more of a "business as usual" type week.  I worked at home on websites and other projects, and Andrew did school each weekday.  On Friday I took the car and let Andrew ride the bus, so that I could go to two more tianguis (street markets), and then Andrew joined me as we checked out one on Saturday.  The first one on Friday was mostly clothes, and it was very large.  I found a pair of shorts that look nice, but I realized later that I prefer deeper pockets.  They cost me $6.77 US, one third the cost of the pair I bought a couple weeks ago at the Mercado Libertad, the huge central market place in Guadalajara.

Of the projects I mentioned, I am working on a website where local businesses can advertise and also host their pages for their businesses.  It is presently only in Spanish, with the English version coming a bit later.  (No, I still am not fluent or even anything near that; I use an online interpretation website and then modify the output as needed.)  The businesses on there now are merely those I have used.  When the site is ready, I'll try to sell those particular businesses, as well as others, on advertising there.

Andrew's and my vision of the site is that it will eventually be a graphical interface consisting of a map where people can search for a type of business or all businesses in a specific area.  The map will be able to be enlarged so that a user can see specific streets or zoom out to see the city as a whole.  Icons will identify businesses, with different icons for different types of businesses.  When a person clicks on the icon, more information will be shown, and then they can click again to see the business's website.


Another project is FTA (Free To Air) which is the use of equipment that allows a person to watch many television stations available through satellites without having to pay the subscription fees.  I am hoping to be able to set up and service systems for people in the area.  Perhaps we'll have an annual contract, or maybe we'll simply charge per visit for set up or upgrades or repairs or whatever.  You can read more about FTA at the wikipedia article:

Have you visited our website lately?  I finally got the photos from Tapalpa on there.  I am considering writing these weekly update logs on there and then letting people read them there, rather than filling your email inbox with emails that are too lengthy.  What do you think?  Would you rather I write this and send it directly to you, or just let you know when I've written something?  I am trying to write a little something each week.  On the website, I also am considering writing a couple of blogs about the differences between life here and life in Coarsegold, California.  For instance, I finally have discovered where all those VW's of my youth (the old beetles or bugs) have gone.  They all migrated south.  Mexico is FULL of them.  Most are in excellent shape and still run as though it is the 1960's or 70's.
Missing VW's

I guess that's about it from here for now.

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