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2 June 2009
Dave Clingman

This week we got a horse, some tequila and our first invitation to a fiesta.

The horse is not actually ours.  It is not really anyone's.  We are taking care of it, though, and he likes us quite a bit.  We named him Jorge (Spanish for George), because Andrew thought when we first met him that he looked like a George.  He was terribly neglected.  He was malnourished and had no energy.  He is no longer malnourished, and he has much more energy.  He no longer looks like a "George", but he'll keep the name since he has learned it already.

When we first approached him, Jorge would walk away from us, albeit rather slowly.  Now, after just one week of caring for him, he comes to us when we call his name.  We first coaxed him to us with apples and carrots.  After we gained that much of his trust, we started feeding him alfalfa, grain and vitamins, as well as the apples and carrots.  We started brushing him everyday, usually twice a day.  He used to have many bits of sand and dirt embedded in his skin.  We've scraped and brushed out all of those, and with the good feed, his coat now shines.

There has been a remarkable change in Jorge in the one week since we met him.  Andrew even got up on him without a saddle or blanket or reins and walked him around a bit.  Jorge is a mellow and seemingly well trained horse, but he was completely neglected after his owner moved away this past January.

As I said, he isn't really ours, but no one else wants to claim him either.  A neighbor tells me that one of the groundskeepers thinks that Jorge will be his someday, but even that man doesn't do anything for the horse.  If we move somewhere we can have a horse of our own, we might try to track down the previous owner and see what we can work out.  For now, we'll enjoy Jorge's company while we are here.

Saturday we drove to Tequila to buy some gifts for our return to California (for the commitment ceremony) later this month.  I had tried to find the special stuff in several stores around Guadalajara, but none seemed to carry what I wanted.  When we arrived at the Casa Herradura, we decided to take the tour for $60 each.  (Remember that that is sixty pesos, which works out to about four and one half dollars US each).  It was an interesting tour, and I enjoyed it even though I'd been on a similar tour last year when I was here.  This was Andrew's first tour, and he was also fascinated.

After the tour, we entered the gift shop hoping they would be selling their own tequila, and sure enough, there it was.  We bought four bottles of it and headed for "downtown" Tequila for some lunch.  Andrew had the Sopa Azteca (Aztec soup), and I had the Queso Fundillo (melted cheese).  I had wondered at every restaurant we'd visited just what the Fundillo consisted of.  It turns out that it is literally a bowl of melted cheese, and it is the kind of cheese that I very much like.  Of course, as with all good Mexico restaurants, they also supplied a basket of free hot tortillas.  We made four quesadillas from the cheese and still had plenty left over to eat straight from the bowl.  Yes, I truly like this cheese that much.  yummy.

When we arrived back at our van after driving 45 minutes from Tequila, Andrew realized he had left his bag at the restaurant.  We called them, and they held it for us while we drove back to pick it up.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that the entire nine hundred pesos (nearly sixty eight dollars US) that Andrew had in his bag had not been bothered.  Needless to say, we gave the man who held it for us a tip and thanked him profusely.

When we arrived home the second time and had half an hour or so to relax, our next door neighbor here in the San Jose del Tajo RV park (who stays here only on the weekends) came to our door and invited us to join their dinner party.  It was very kind of them, a very pleasant surprise.  We enjoyed their company just sitting around the table eating and talking.  (Okay, actually, Andrew talked and I mostly just listened.  I can understand some of what is being said in Spanish, and sometimes they would also talk in English.)

I'll get some photos of Jorge and of our Tequilla tour and lunch onto the website later this week.

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