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26 June 2010
Dave Clingman


A Mellow Week


Hi guys.

This has been about the most mellow week I've had in a long time. Nothing pressing to do, not much work, and Andrew's in Washington, D.C. One day blurs into another even more than usual. I rather like this, other than Andrew being away.

Andrew flew away Wednesday afternoon. On the return drive, trying to find the correct turn off from the highway to the airport, I ended up back at the airport once. What I thought was the Periferico (my route home) wasn't, and the place that I thought would be where I could turn around was actually the Periferico. Silly me. I should have trusted the GPS more.

With Andrew gone, Mela seems to mope a bit. Andrew has always been her favorite, as he spends more time playing with her and rubbing her belly, whereas I seem to be more the disciplinarian. So now, every time a car passes, she looks out the window to see if it is Andrew returning home.

Yesterday when I returned from the market, Mela jumped into the car, sat in the back window, and refused to exit. My guess is that since the last time she saw Andrew was when she and I dropped him off at the airport, she figures that if I'll simply drive her somewhere, Andrew will suddenly appear.

Still, she and I are getting along well, and I make it a point to spend more time playing with her and rubbing her belly. She enjoys our frequent walks around the park, and especially our occasional visits with Larry and Sharon, who have a new kitten which Mela really wants to play with. Today I even took her up on top of our RV while I patched a leak in the roof. She very much liked that.

Guadalajara's Marcha de la Diversidad (Gay Pride Parade) was last Saturday, and we enjoyed it immensely. The first time I visited GDL two years ago, our friend Victor was showing me downtown when we happened upon this same parade. We watched the parade pass, broken up into four sections separated by about five minutes. Each time we thought the parade was finished and headed to the Plaza de Liberacion, more floats would come up the street.

This year, instead of being downtown where the parade ends, we were located about halfway through the route. Instead of being broken up, there were times when the entire parade simply stopped in front of us, though the people on the floats never stopped doing their thing. My guess is that, because it was so hot, some float vehicles had engine problems. That might be what happened two years ago, as well.

Nevertheless, we had a great time watching all the different types of floats and various costumes. It was one big party atmosphere, and it was simply fun. The funny part was that with Andrew's purple sombrero and my blue trilby (from our ceremony last year), the two of us seemed to be objects to photograph. Andrew was even interviewed, though he neglected to inquire which publication was asking the questions.

Click on the link to view some of our photos of Guadalajara's Marcha de la Diversidad.

The Guadalajara Reporter just came out with an excellent article about the dangers (or lack thereof) of Mexico. I hope you will take the time to read it and continue praying for us.
(If you have trouble reading this article, because they ask you to log in, please let me know. Thanks.)

Have a great weekend.

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