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05 August 2010
Dave Clingman




Hi guys.

This has been the longest I've gone between my so-called "weekly logs," more than a month, and I apologize for that. We are still here, and we're still doing well. Now let's see if I can play catchup.

Andrew's Washington, D.C. trip back in June was very good. You can read about it on his new web page:

Both of us were ill for a few days, first Andrew with a cold, and later me with strep throat and then a cold. We're both fine now.

My shoulder is about the same. I went through two weeks of physical therapy at IMSS, and I've begun another two weeks after a two week rest. Sometimes the therapy seems to help, and at other times it doesn't seem to make any difference. The last day of the first weeks of therapy, I asked the technician if it would be possible to receive an injection of cortisone, but she said no. Two days ago, at my first day of the second round of therapy, I asked the doctor, and he gave it to me. This seems to be helping much more than anything else so far.

Yesterday we paid $630 (pesos) to have a sonogram done of my shoulder in preparation for seeing the specialist in a couple of weeks. I'd never had anything like this, and it surprised me that the doctor took twenty shots of my shoulder and neck areas. Though we can have a free sonogram at IMSS, the appointment for that is two months AFTER my appointment with the specialist. I think the sonogram is something he would appreciate seeing. So, we spent the approximately $52.00 US to be sure the specialist has something to view. I wonder how much something like this would cost in the USA.

Work is going well for Andrew, now in the summer session at Mundo Bilingue. He's adding private students fairly regularly now. He has six, though not all of them have classes with him every week. He is finding it difficult to schedule everyone when they want. Though none so far want to have him teach during the weekends, he is open to the occasional Saturday class. We're both glad they don't want weekends so far. Work for me is slowing a bit.

My mom died Saturday evening, July 24. You can see an excellent memorial video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5fAtVCCk30

We have been without internet most of this week, and it really hampers my website design work. I make the changes to the copy of a website on my computer, but then I have to walk across the RV park with my computer to find another wifi to upload the changes. I then view the website live online and determine what other changes need to be made, go back home to make them, and then go find the wifi again. The phone company is supposed to have it fixed by tomorrow. I sure hope so.

Our FM3s (Mexico visas) expire next month, with mine expiring one week earlier than Andrew's. We'll begin the supposedly easier renewal process this week. I'll let you know how that goes. It should be interesting to see how much "easier" it really is.

The FM3 renewal process begins online. We've tried to do that part of the renewal process twice with two different computers, but each time, the computer shut down before we finished the process. We'll give it another try this morning.

We've had a lot of heavy rains recently and have had to patch a couple of leaks on the RV roof. The rains are keeping everything nice and green, quite pretty, and the temperatures cool. It is a nice time of year.

Until next time.

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