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3 August 2009
Dave Clingman

Though the TEFL training classes at Mundo Bilingue are finished, I still am not comfortable being in front of people teaching.  Perhaps if I begin with a client or two teaching one on one, as Andrew has, I will become more comfortable.  For now, though, I've told the school's owner that I will wait before accepting a class.  It is wonderful to hear about Andrew's time with his students and to watch his confidence grow day by day.  One of his students told him to day that a friend will also begin at the school and has requested Andrew as his teacher.

A few times this past week we drove to nearby condominium developments to view some of the available models.  If we decide to stay in Guadalajara, we now have an idea of what we can expect for the amount we can afford.  I actually like a few of the options, though I am still not sure that I want to stay here in the city.  We hope to get back up into the mountains south of here and south of
Lake Chapala this coming Saturday to see what houses and parcels of land are available in that area.  We'd also like to take another trip to the coast to see what we might be able to afford near Puerto Vallarta.  Please be praying for us in this house search.  Thanks.

Each Sunday Guadalajara closes off some of the largest and longest streets in the city to vehicle traffic, so that bicyclists and roller skaters can travel on the wide boulevards.  Andrew and I have thought that this is a great idea ever since we first heard about it.  This past Sunday Andrew finally had the chance to try it himself.  He met up with our friend Victor near downtown and spent two hours riding up to
Tlaquepaque and back to Miverva before meeting me downtown.

We then drove a few blocks to
El Museo de la Ciudad de Guadalajara (GDL city Museum).  Many GDL museums offer free admission on Sunday's.  This was a smaller museum focusing on the history of the city.  This is one of my favorite types of museums, and I enjoyed our time wandering through the exhibits.  We had the place almost entirely to ourselves, seeing only three or four other visitors.  There were maps and photos of the growth of GDL, as well as old coins, costumes, pottery and machines.  Andrew took the time and effort to translate the interesting explanations for me.  All in all it was a fun time for both of us.

Saturday we went to a local Tianguis (street market) to buy some bananas.  The produce is usually fresher and costs less in a Tianguis than in the grocery stores.  We walked away from there with a large cloth bag of produce which cost us about $4.50 US.  Back in California, in one of the most productive farming areas in USA, a small bag of produce would cost me considerably more than that, and it wouldn't be as fresh as what we can get here.  We ended up buying onions (about five US cents each), celery (you can buy just a stalk or two, rather than an entire bunch), potatoes, and
Oaxaca cheese (my favorite) as well as the bananas (about eleven US cents each).

Well, that's all for this update.  Have a great week.


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