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28 July 2009
Dave Clingman

    You may recall that Andrew was ill a week ago and missed one day of our TEFL training class.  Well, I guess this week was my turn.  I got sick about one week after Andrew did and missed two days of class.  But we're both mostly well now, and we're back up to speed in class.  Classes will end this week, and then we can begin teaching English classes.  yay.

    Andrew also taught a short TEFL class at
    UNIVA , which stands for La Universidad del Valle de Atemajac.  He did this as part of the interview process for teaching at that university.  The interviewers were impressed.  UNIVA is further from home than is Bugambilias's Mundo Bilingue, a bit more than twice as far, but they pay almost twice as much.  The bigger reason, though, for possibly working there is that their staff enjoy discounts for many things here in Guadalajara, including cafeteria food, car washes, and gym membership, among other things.  We would both enjoy being able to afford going to a gym again.

    Last week I mentioned the hail here in Guadalajara.  Well, the next day, we enjoyed another storm with high winds and much rain.  A very large tree fell down and blocked the driveway of the RV park.  It was challenging trying to get around the fallen tree until someone mowed down some bushes to allow passage.  Later that day, they had cut up the tree enough to allow travel on the driveway again.  There are photos of the tree at this link:

    We also updated Jorge's page on our website, adding a few photos of him, as well as adding two more pages:

    Andrew has also added to his blog, this time about the Swine Flu:

    A few days ago, Andrew tried his hand at a new recipe called
    "Forty Clove Chicken", recommended by one of our neighbors.  It is a garlic lover's dream, literally using forty cloves of garlic per chicken.  It is TRULY garlicky.  Andrew really likes it.  I took a couple of bites of it and left the rest for him.  Now he smells of garlic all the time.

    This weekend we met one of Andrew's local friends at the
    Regional Museum of Guadalajara and enjoyed wandering through the many exhibits.  Some photos of that afternoon are on the Fun Times page, linked above.

    Sunday afternoon, Andrew helped our church feed people at the downtown soup kitchen.  Though he couldn't find the place at first, he finally arrived and helped for an hour until they were finished.

    We hope you gave a great rest of the week.


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