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28 August 2009
Dave Clingman

Our FM3 (upgrade visa) process continues.  We returned last Friday as we were instructed, only to discover that they were backlogged and had to return Tuesday of this week.  Tuesday we were told that we each have a few more papers we need to supply.  I have to provide a copy and translation of my business license in California to prove that I know how to repair computers.  Andrew needs to supply two more things from Mundo Bilingue School.  We both need to supply better proof that we live here in Mexico.  All of this should be ready by about noon today, and we can turn it all in on Monday or Tuesday of next week.  We have an appointment at La Hacienda, the Mexico Tax Collection Agency, on Friday of next week.  We will likely take a local to translate for us.

Last week we attended a small circus.  The entry fee was $30 MXN each, which works out to about $2.17 US.  Though the price was small, the fun was not.  They had all the usual acts:  camels and horses, dogs jumping through hoops, jugglers, trapeze and acrobats, and more.  It lasted a little over an hour.

We also attended another free concert at the
Ex Convento last week.  We arrived only ten minutes early, and the place was packed, so that we had seats way in the back.  This time it was a piano and a classical singer.  He sang a German opera, which neither of us could understand, but it was good singing.  This week it was a classical guitar and singer.  Andrew went with a friend and arrived fifteen minutes early but weren't even able to get a seat inside.  Sitting outside in a chair, they could barely hear anything and so left after just a few minutes.

Andrew continues teaching and enjoys it.  Next week or the following week, he will begin teaching university students at
UNIVA, as well.  Outside of work, he has been enjoying some Thursday nights at Polyglot, where people get together to talk about anything that interests them, with the purpose of practicing their Spanish, English, French, and other languages.  He also rides bikes with friends, sometimes on Sundays when they close off some streets to motorized traffic, and sometimes in the parks.

Jorge the horse is doing very well.  So well, in fact, that he doesn't seem to need us anymore.  And his pasture has grown so full of trees and bushes that we sometimes cannot even find him.  We know he is there, though, because our friends Larry and Sharon live right across the road from his pasture and see him occasionally when he comes to drink.  It used to be that Jorge would come to us when we call, but now even though we walk all around his pasture calling his name, we still cannot locate him most of the time.  He must be hiding behind one of those thick trees or bushes.

I continue working on client websites and writing my biweekly column for the local newspaper.  In fact, my newest column should be online later today:
Of course, without signing up (and probably paying) for a subscription, you won't be able to read the entire article.  If you'd like a copy of it, just let me know.

The website I've been working on lately is for rental homes in Bass Lake.  Here is the nice interface I've designed for the owner of the business:
When you hold your cursor over the small photos, they show up in the larger panel on the right.  Very fun.

I guess that's it for now.  Hopefully by the time I write next, we'll have our FM3's and be all signed up with La Hacienda.

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