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Paris in the winter.

Hello again.

We are now in Paris, having arrived last evening (28th).  Our CS Host here is nice, but he is a bit shy because he doesn't speak English well.  Sometimes Andrew and he converse in Spanish, because it is easier for Aurelian.

While I am thinking about it, the new cell phone number that we emailed to you a day or two ago (depending when I am able to send this) is actually a phone number in Great Britain.  I bought that phone card last year when I was here in France, because it has better rates here, but I forgot that it is actually a GB phone number.  However, the country code that we gave you is correct for this phone.  The number again is +44-792-421-4534.  Instead of the plus sign (+), in USA and Canada, you'll need to dial 011.  In NZ, you'll dial

Last night after arriving here, we headed to the Trocadero to view the Eiffel Tower.  We arrived just a couple minutes after the hourly light show, so we had to battle the huge crowd heading the opposite direction to the metro.  Nice view from there.  Then we walked across the river, under the Eiffel and onto the park area on the opposite side.  We watched the beginning of the next light show and then went to get in line for  the Eiffel Tower.  This is the shortest line I have ever seen here.   It took us less than ten minutes to get our tickets.  But then we had to go to a different leg of the tower to go up inside, and the wait there was about fifteen minutes.  All the way to the top, enjoying the views and the wind, despite the near freezing temperature.

We had not intended to do the Eiffel now, just look at it, and then we would arrive first thing one morning to avoid the lines.  But the lines were so short last night that we couldn't resist.  It was nice seeing all the lights from way up there.

Today we'll probably go see Notre Dame, the ferris wheel and the river cruise.  We bought Paris Visite cards, so that we have free transportation all the while we are here, as well as discounts on things like the river cruise and the Arc d' triomphe and Montparnarsse Tower.

We hope y'all are doing well and having a wonderful vacation between Christmas and New Year.

Oh, our CS Host here informed us last night that there was a miscommunication, that he will not be in Paris for our last night.  Yikes.  Please pray we are able to find a new CS Host for that one night or a cheap hotel/hostel.  Thanks.


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