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18 June 2009
Dave Clingman

After 23 hours of sleep, I finally am awake and ready to face the world.  I guess the last day of our California trip wore me out.  We arrived home just before 8 am and immediately went to sleep.  We were awakened an hour later by the airline notifying us that they had located our lost luggage.  Yep, they lost our two checked bags, but we couldn't do anything about it at the airport until about ninety minutes after we arrived.  They are that slow in getting all the luggage off the plane.

While we were in Fresno the day before the Ceremony, we went shopping, then Andrew met with some friends at the train station.  They went for a walk in Woodward Park while I did more things around town.  We all met up for bowling, which was a blast.  Jim got a Turkey (three strikes in a row).  We were joined by more friends for dinner at Claim Jumpers.  It was a relaxed affair with more food than we all could eat.  It was great catching up a bit with everyone before the ceremony itself.

The Commitment Ceremony was wonderful, and everyone enjoyed it.  In a few days I'll get some photos onto our website.  For now, there are a few pictures that Shane already posted on the internet, at GayChristian.net, but I think you'll have to sign up for a FREE account to view them.

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported us.  Thank you to Darold and Jim for setting up the picnic and cleaning it all up afterwards.  Thanks to Joann for giving us a free room at the local hotel for our first night, and to Val who opened her home to us for the two nights prior to the ceremony.

Sunday we drove to Cambria, California for two nights.  The weather was great the first and last days and overcast the second day.  We walked along the beach a couple of times, collecting moonstones and enjoying the coast.  We watched the sunset both nights.  We toured Hearst Castle and watched the movie "Building the Dream" about how it was constructed.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip.  It was nice to catch up a bit with our friends.  The flight back home to Guadalajara was mostly uneventful, excepting the lost luggage, of course.  Also, in Los Angeles, Andrew got us an upgrade to First Class for just fifty dollars.  I had tried earlier to see what they could do for us, and they wouldn't lower the price one bit.

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