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22 June 2009
Dave Clingman

Hurricane Andres (yes, they're calling it "Andrew"!!) is coming.  It won't actually hit us here, but maybe we'll take a drive over to Puerto Vallarta to experience it.  We are hoping, honestly, to get out to the west coast this week, and Andre's appearance is purely coincidental.  We're heading out that way to look at some mountain towns near Puerto Vallarta.  So, not only will we get to see some new territory, but we might even be able to experience a hurricane.  yay

Yesterday we walked around a local pyramid.  Here is a link that tells a bit about it:
It was interesting.  It appears that someone has made repeated attempts at restoring the site and then letting it go again.  It was an interesting walk.

After the pyramid, we attended
the local rodeo (charreada).  I attended this last year, as well, and so I knew the best place from which to watch.  We both enjoyed it.  I'll try to get some photos of both the pyramid and the charreada (as well as our California trip) onto our website one of these days.

While we were in California (yes, we're fully recovered now), Teri gave us a mask for
Jorge (the horse) to keep flies out of his eyes.  He very much appreciates this.  Andrew had a longer ride yesterday, taking him up onto the hill behind our place.  Jorge doesn't like to climb the hills, and so the first time I actually had to lead Jorge.  After that, though, Andrew was able to get him to go up the hill without my assistance.

Andrew has written three blogs since last I mentioned the blogs.  You might enjoy reading his view on things at this web page:

This week I will write my first article for
the Guadalajara Reporter newspaper.  It will likely be in next week's edition.

I guess that's about it for now.  Write you again next week.

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