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1 July 2009
Dave Clingman

Last week we drove to Puerto Vallarta, but Hurricane Andres wasn't what he was predicted to be.  Still, we had a great time.  We arrived in the afternoon and looked at a couple of places to stay before deciding on Hotel Mercurio, which is only one block from the beach.  It was great being able to walk out of the hotel, down the street a few hundred feet and be at the ocean.  We walked there four times and swam in the ocean three times during our short stay.  The water is very warm, so that there is no shock when you enter.  It was marvelous.

Andres did bring in some rain and pleasant wind which did not stop us wandering around town or swimming in the sea.  After dark we walked around the town a bit and then walked back along the beach to our hotel.  All in all, it was a great time.

The next day we drove about halfway back toward Guadalajara via a different route to a town named
Mascota (Spanish for "pet") in Jalisco, Mexico.  We found the cheap hotel we wanted (only $23) and then drove out of town toward two places up in the mountains which Andrew had read about online.  We found both properties, one of which was impossible to use, and the other a fruit orchard near Navidad.  We both liked the place, but we later found out that the listing online was outdated.  We don't know if it is still available, since the realtor neither returned our call nor replied to our email.

Saturday, the day after our return from PV, we toured
Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico, hoping to see the annual Pottery Festival .  To our dismay, all that remained of the Pottery Festival were the winning exhibits, which we enjoyed.  We had hoped to be able to watch some of the creation process live.  We could find almost no information online regarding this festival, so that my notes from last year were all we had.

I have submitted my first article for the local English paper, the
Guadalajara Reporter.  They have accepted the article and are even naming a new Column for me.  The article should be published this Saturday.  You might be able to view the article at the following internet location, though they may require a subscription to read the entire article:

Andrew's blog has been updated too - check it out at:

Have a great week.

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