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7 July 2009
Dave Clingman

My column was finally published last week, and you can read it online without having to create an account.
Every other week, I will be writing and article for them, and you should be able to read it there beginning Friday afternoon sometime.  The next article should be there on July 17.

The cooler rainy season is finally here.  Yay.  The temperatures are usually rather chilly in the mornings and then warm in the afternoons.  The highs here are usually around 80 or so, though we are going to hit some mid-80's this week.  Rains fall nearly every night, sometimes beginning around sundown, but more likely beginning sometime between 10 pm and 2 am.  Most mornings are cloudy but not rainy.  The days are beautiful.

Andrew and I attended the Pet Expo (
expomascotas.com.mx) Saturday.  We wandered, looking at all the animals:  dogs and cats, of course, and birds, but also alligators and snakes and lizards and such.  My favorite part was the petting farm, which I think is probably supposed to be for the kids, but no one was stopping the adults.  They gave us a few handfuls of feed, and the animals ate it up.  There were goats and llamas and donkeys and chickens and geese and one cow and one sow and her piglets.  Fun!  We kept considering getting a dog, but the prices were very high.  When we have more room, we'll get a dog or two from somewhere that charges less.

We go to a tianguis (street market) at least once a week.  The produce is fresher there, and the prices are usually lower than in the stores.  Oaxaca (pronounced "gwah-hahk-a") cheese is my favorite, and Andrew prefers something with a bit more "taste" (read:  stinky cheese *teasing*).

Last week, we joined a group of people from
CouchSurfing.org who meet each Thursday to just sit around and talk about anything.  I think the purpose is to practice speaking in different languages.  It is a fun group, and the conversations (when I could hear them) were good.  They meet on the fourth floor of a cafe overlooking a plaza.  I felt out of place, since I know so little Spanish.  I am working on that a little each day.  Andrew will go again this week, but I think I'll wait until I know a bit more.

I guess that's it from here.  We are taking it easy this month, not doing much that costs money, because we are over budget after our trips to California and Puerto Vallarta last month.

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