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16 July 2009
Dave Clingman

Last week Andrew began his teaching career.  We had both visited a nearby language school, Mundo Bilingue a couple weeks ago to talk with the owner, and he said he wouldn't have any classes for him or me until September.  Yes, he is also considering me to teach there.  Andrew has only one student for his first class, a pilot who wants to be able to advance more easily.  Yesterday he began a second class, another private instruction, this time with a Russian scientist.

We both began our training for this new school last Friday, and we meet three hours a day now every weekday.  The training is enjoyable and quite challenging for me.  Andrew does quite a bit better at it, since he already had the training and practice at the other school back in May.  We don't know how long the training will last, but the owner says we can still teach conversation classes before the training is completed.  He actually offered me the Russian student, but Andrew and I had agreed that he would get the first two students.

We visited a church Sunday for the second time.  It is located about ten minutes from home, near the language school where Andrew is teaching.  The people seem nice, and the messages are applicable.

Now that the rainy season has arrived,
Jorge the horse has plenty of grass to eat in his pasture.  We are backing off on the amount of hay and grain we feed him.  And he, in turn, is backing off on how quickly he comes to us when we call him.  Sometimes we have to go find him, let him see us, and then walk back to the gate with him following us.  When we see a good price at one of the tianguis on carrots or bananas or apples, we buy a kilogram or two and freeze them.  Jorge seems to actually prefer the frozen fruit.  It gives him time to taste it and something to chew.  The look on his face the first time was amazing, and he still looks as though he is contemplating the world anew each time he chews on a frozen banana or apple.

Speaking of fruit,
the RV park where we live has many mango trees and even an avocado tree.  Too bad neither of us likes mango.  We grabbed a couple of avocados, though, which Andrew likes.  It is the season of ripe fruit.  Most of the mangoes end up on the ground being consumed by bees.

This weekend we are going to take a one day drive south past
Lake Chapala to the Mazamitla and Valle de Juarez area to view some properties.  Andrew has done quite a bit of research online for houses, cabanas or vacant land in the area.  One of the owners says he owns over one hundred cabanas he can show us.  I hope we can eventually find a place that we both like.

I guess that's it for this week.

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