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21 July 2009
Dave Clingman

Our TEFL teacher training is going well.  The instructor (the owner of the school) won't give us a definite time frame, as to how many of these classes we must attend.  He is vague but seems to be suggesting that it depends on how quickly we are able to learn his methodology.  We are in class three hours five days a week.  Andrew is also continuing with his two English conversation clients.

Andrew caught a cold Thursday night, and I am taking good care of him, for which he is very grateful.  He has always taken good care of me when I have been ill, and I am glad to be able to reciprocate, though I would of course prefer he was in good health.  He missed class only on Friday.

Sunday Andrew and I attended
the Ballet Folklorico produced by the University of Guadalajara, a world famous presentation of Mexico's folk dances.  We both enjoyed ourselves.  I will get some photos and maybe even a video or two onto our website sometime this week, I hope.  It was our first time seeing the inside of the Teatro Degollado, as well.  It is a beautifully designed theater building.  Our seats were in the center of the second balcony, an excellent place from which to watch the dancers, singers, and musicians.

One of my clients asked a couple days ago about acquiring a domain name for his friend.  I contacted the present owner of the domain, and she said she would sell it for one thousand dollars.  I thought that would be too expensive, but my client told me today to buy it for him.  Wow.  I should have included a small finder's fee for my time in this transaction.

My new column in the
Guadalajara Reporter newspaper was published Saturday.  This time I wrote about Skype as a way to talk with people around the world for free (Skype to Skype) or for very little money (Skype to telephone).  You may have to log in to read the entire column, but if you ever want to know what I wrote, just let me know, and I'll email you a free copy.

This afternoon after class and grocery shopping, we sat in our car waiting for a hail storm to pass.  Hail seems to be fairly common here, which surprises me.  It is warmer than I would expect it to be to have hail.  The hail was a bit larger than dime size.  Those balls of ice hurt when they hit you.  So, we sat in the car for about ten minutes waiting for it to pass.  Who says life is dull here in GDL?

Have a great week.


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