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From Germany, we drove to Lucerne in Switzerland.  The Swiss are masterful engineers.  Instead of plowing their roads over or around mountains, they will usually run tunnels right through mountains, and even sometimes underneath towns to avoid traffic.  Many of the tunnels are over one kilometer long, and we even drove through two which are over five kilometers (over three miles) in length.  One tunnel in Switzerland is nearly seventeen kilometers (more than ten miles) long.  Huge fans keep air moving through the tunnels to avoid buildup of fumes.

Our CouchSurfing hosts in Lucerne, Switzerland were Marcel and Natalie.  They helped us move our luggage from the car into their home and then showed us an inexpensive place to park the car overnight.  Then, after tea and hot chocolate, they walked us to the historic town of Luzern.

After the tour of old town, we drove to Mount Pilatus, pictured to the right as seen from their home.  We rode the cable car to a restaurant near the top of Mount Pilatus, where we enjoyed a dinner of Raclette and Rosti.

Rosti, pictured above, is mainly grated or shredded potatoes, topped with cheese, but can also include other items depending on the region in which it is served.

Raclette, pictured to the right and below, is  a type of cheese, which is then melted with other ingredients.  At this restaurant, we were given pickles, bacon, onions, pineapple, baby corn and peppers.  Andrew had only a small sample of this, since he was enjoying the Rosti.  Dave liked the Raclette best with bacon and pineapple.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Rhine River area of Germany

Lucerne, Switzerland

the Swiss Alps at Murren, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

the French Alps

Geneva, Switzerland

Lyon, France

Paris, France

Rouen, France

Normandy Beaches of France

Brugge, Belgium



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