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This was Dave's third trip to Switzerland, and during both of his previous trips, the weather was so cloudy that he couldn't even see the famous Swiss Alps.  But for this trip, God blessed us with wonderful, clear weather, and we were amazed at the beauty.

We drove through the town of Interlaken, Switzerland and up the Lauterbrunnen Valley to the Stechelberg Cable Car that takes visitors to the top of the Schilthorn.  We rode it only two legs (out of four), to the small mountain town of Murren.

After a brief exploration of Murren, we rode the Allmendhubel Funicular to the restaurant and ski slope, and then we hiked around and back down to town, about four kilometers (two and a half miles).  This area is truly magnificent.

As we neared town, we walked near this abandoned little guy, and Andrew spent a few minutes fixing him back up to greet passersby.

Back in Murren, we purchased chocolate muffins and hot cocoa and sat outside a little cafe to enjoy the treat with the backdrop of the Swiss Alps.  We were the only ones sitting outside this cafe.  Everyone else was inside with the fire and heaters.  But how could we pass up this amazing view?

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Rhine River area of Germany

Lucerne, Switzerland

the Swiss Alps at Murren, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

the French Alps

Geneva, Switzerland

Lyon, France

Paris, France

Rouen, France

Normandy Beaches of France

Brugge, Belgium



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